Fuel choices for alternative energy

Fuel is the lifeblood of emergency storage. It helps us get through emergencies by providing power to cook, light a room, stay warm, run machinery, power devices, facilitate other important needs such as keeping life-saving medicine cool, and more.

What Kind of Fuel Should I Store?

This is a personal question. After researching the different types, you'll get a sense of what will work for you. Each fuel type has its own physical nature, pros & cons, and storage requirements, and some have safety issues and even local laws surrounding how much you can store. Researching will help you make an informed choice about which alternative power methods are best for you and your family.

Once you learn what fuel you are comfortable storing, you will then be better able to shop for the appliances, equipment, and tools that run on your chosen fuel. Storing a few different types is the wise thing to do so you don’t have to rely on any one method.

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Fuel Options

Here’s a brief overview of popular fuels used in emergency preparedness. They each have their strong points and are worth consideration. Take this information and use it as a starting point and do your own research. Learn about each method even if you think you may not be interested. You may be surprised what you decide to add to your emergency fuel arsenal. Matches, of course, are a must.